Eco-Green and Eclectic Cuisine meets.

What is EcoLectic?
It is a way eating, cooking, doing business and living. It is a way of making the best decisions that impact our bodies, our local economy, the global economy and nurturing independent business.

How does this happen in a restaurant?
Marcus and Jamie Guiliano own and operate Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville NY. Aroma Thyme is Certified Green from the Green Restaurant Association. But they feel that is not enough. One has to realize that living, doing business and deciding where your dollar goes is not easy. Is every local buying decision the right one. We don't think so. Budweiser might have a local beer plant. So the beer does very little traveling. But should your money go to a huge international conglomerate? Is a local farmer doing grain fed beef when you can buy true grass-fed beef from 1000 miles away. If you are buying Cognac, is there a better option as far as brands. Is there an independent Cognac producer that you can call and talk to the owner on the phone. Keep in mind that all Cognac has to come from that region in France.

Operating a restaurant comes with many purchasing options. Jamie and Marcus want to introduce to their eco approach on fine eclectic cuisine.
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